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Where to Find Employees for Your Home Service Businesses


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June 30th, 2022

Business is thriving, and your firm is poised to expand. But when it comes to hiring, you don't get any applications—or, worse, you get someone who doesn't show up on their first day. It may be tough trying to locate the team you need to expand your business, whether you're recruiting your first employee or you've been doing it for years.

You are not alone in your fight. The home service business has been experiencing a labor shortage for some time, with 75 percent of tradesmen reporting that it is worsening this year.

The easiest approach to address this issue is to position a job advertisement correctly, disseminate it in the appropriate areas, and adhere to recruiting best practices. Here's how to go about it.

How and where to look for the potential new staff for your business

You may share your job advertising with potential applicants after it is complete. But where do you look for them? And how should you distribute your posting? First, consider where your ideal employee could be spending their time, whether or not they are seeking work—for example, on social media or at the grocery store. Then try to find them in those locations. To locate the person you need, try posting your job opening on these platforms:

1) Company’s Career page

If you share your job ad on other platforms, some of them will require a web page to which they may direct prospective applicants. A Careers page on your company's website will suffice.

This page should define working at your organization, advertise any vacant roles, and provide a mechanism to apply. Here are a handful of basic methods for gathering job applications:

Create a web form where candidates may enter their contact information and résumé. Because this format forces everyone to input the same information, applications will always include what you require. Your job description might appear in Google Searches if it is structured correctly, whether it is exclusively on your website or shared on other online platforms. It will take some time to put up, but your efforts will help potential applications locate you.

2) Job Posting Sites

Job boards are websites where companies may post job openings and job seekers can apply. Some sites are free, while others need a subscription or payment per posting.

Here are some of the best employment forums for home service companies:

• Indeed:

Indeed, is a popular site for posting jobs, in part because it is free to use. Simply upload your job advertisement, and people who apply through the platform will be sent to your email inbox.

• Craiglist:

Craigslist is a popular choice among home service professionals, and other online markets such as Oodle and Kijiji are also viable options. You can utilize your marketplace listing URL on other platforms that demand a web page connection if you don't have a website. The cost of these markets is determined by your location.

• Glassdoor:

Glassdoor also provides job ads, salary information, and career guidance, as well as employee evaluations that provide prospective employees with an inside peek at your company before they apply. It’s free initially or you can upgrade to a premium subscription for additional features. If you do use glass door as a main job posting site then encourage your present employees to post their reviews about your company as well!

• Facebook:

You can use Facebook groups that are made for job postings (or even simply topics of interest to your prospective workers), you may distribute your job posting for free on Facebook. There may be limitations on what you may post in groups, as every Facebook job posting group has its own unique set of rules. So, do read them before posting the job advertisement.

• Monster:

Monster is another well-known website for company owners and job seekers. It also provides career counseling and pay tools, which are beneficial to both sides of the interview table. Monster is a monthly membership game; thus, you must pay to play.

Many of these sites experience a high volume of application traffic because they provide tools for job searchers. Sharing your job posting on many platforms can allow more individuals to view it. If you have a limited budget, consider starting with free platforms and adding only one premium choice to the mix. Set up automated text messages to follow up on applications that have been filed. Thank them for applying and let them know when they may anticipate a phone call for an interview. This may increase your phone pick-up rate.

3) Social Media Platforms

Do you utilize social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or others? Use them to notify your followers that you are recruiting, and attach a link to your job advertisement on your website. Use hashtags that are relevant to your business and career as well. This will assist you in locating folks who may not be following you (yet!) but are interested in a comparable position. You may also create a job posting that allows job seekers to apply via your Facebook company page. You may then manage applications and communicate with candidates using Facebook Messenger.

4) Headhunting

The hard-working employees you wish to hire are usually already employed. Keep an eye out for folks doing exceptional jobs when you're at another business, such as a large box store or a chain restaurant. Then provide them with your business card and request that they call you if they ever need to make a change. This demonstrates that you have seen their effort and would continue to recognize it if they worked for you.

5) Employee Referrals

When it comes to hiring, your workers might be your most powerful allies. Setting up an employee referral program to reward team members who recommend prospects is an excellent idea! Your clients know who they'd want to have working in their house, just as your staff knows who can perform a good job. You might ask them to propose candidates and then praise them after a successful hire.

6) Past candidates

Perhaps you've had a job application in the past who showed promise but wasn't the top candidate at the time. Perhaps they just lacked the necessary abilities for the position you were hoping to fill.

Whatever the reason, you may check over previous applications and see who you'd want to recruit. They may now have more experience or be a better fit for the position you're looking to fill.

It's crucial to remember that your nation may have limits on holding personal data, so make sure you're following local laws if you keep prior applications on file.

7) Ex-Employees

It's a good idea to do an exit interview when someone quits your company, whether it's one-sided or mutual. This indicates the level of experience your staff has at your organization. If you lost an excellent employee you wanted to keep, you might be able to hire them back if you can overcome the issue that caused them to go. Even if they don't, their insights can be useful!

8) Job Fairs

Attend job fairs and career days at area high schools and trade institutions. Set up a table, create business cards, and provide applications for guests to fill out on the spot. You may also create pre-screening questions to ask guests during your talks. This allows you to exclude candidates you don't want to recruit and forward others to the next step of the hiring process.

9) Professional recruiter/recruitment agency

Have some spare cash but not enough time? If you share your job ad with a recruiter, they will utilize their networks to discover qualified people. Their cost may vary based on the salary of the post. If you're a contractor, you may utilize a website like Contractor Staffing Source to find work. Alternatively, you might use or another local recruiter in your region. Using recruitment management software such as GetHired or Wisestep, you may streamline your hiring operations.

10) Talent Pipeline

A talent pipeline is a pool of competent individuals from whom you may draw when hiring for a specific function in the future. You may start this pipeline by declaring on your Careers page that you are continuously looking for new employees. This allows job seekers to send their resumes even if there isn't an active job post, adding them to your pipeline and opening the door for a future employment dialogue.

Final Thoughts

You may be experiencing the growing pains that come with increasing your firm throughout the hiring process. But keep in mind that this is only a temporary situation, and understanding where to acquire personnel will be beneficial. Take the recruiting process one step at a time and concentrate on keeping your day-to-day operations running smoothly. This will help you remain on track as you lead your team—and your company—to greater heights.