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Use Google ads to Post Plumber Advertising-Grow Your Business in 2022

Barkan Saeed

Published :

June 2nd, 2022

The plumbing industry is growing like a fire. From 2016 to 2021, the total revenue of the plumbing industry has crossed $120.1 billion in the US. This industry has become very attractive and competitive. The size of the industry varies from small to large and somewhere it's a mega-industry. Only launching a business is not the end of the story and the start of success. Businesses have to put maximum effort and investments in their branding, promotions, advertisements, and campaigns to bring in more traffic. In 2022 plumbing business is listed among the more demanding and revenue-generating businesses so its advertisement policies should be considered positively. Today Google ads are working amazingly to promote every kind of business. Avail the chance and use this tool for the growth of the plumbing business as well. Creating and running plumbing advertisements on Google Ads will bring in more dedicated traffic and will positively boost your business. You can focus on Google Ads as this will help you learn things and grow your plumbing business in the way you always dream for. Users have to follow proper instructions and steps to create and post amazing plumbing advertisements on Google Ads and see the magic.

Why Choose Google Ads for Plumbing Advertisement?

Google is the most searched and used search engine these days. Users from every corner of the world prefer to search on Google to get the authentic and potential solutions to their problems. That’s why Google took this search volume seriously and introduced digital marketing and advertisement platform. First of all, you have to understand your plumbing advertisements requirements and demands. Explore google Ads, create and publish your advertisement to see the magical movement of clients and views on your business website. To post the most searchable and appealing Plumbing Advertisement on Google Ads, follow these pro guidelines and hot tips to enjoy its benefits.

1. Create an Account on Google Ads

Create your own account on Google Ads, and fix everything that is needed to make a proper setup of your account. Insert all the required data and log in with your account. Once you have created your professional Google Ads accounts, you are good to create attractive Plumbing Advertisements here.

2. Configure and Set the General Settings

Once you login into your account, click the button "Continue" and go to the next page. Select the option that best fits for plumbing advertisement and go for it. Select the "Search Network” as per your budget and requirements. The paid offers and advertisement campaigns by Google Ads are worth getting. If you invest some amount in getting the best display network by Google Ads, Google will make sure to promote your Plumbing Advertisement to as many people as it can (Depending on your budget). The more money you spend on boosting your Google Ads the more Google will show it to random searchers and to every user who searches for plumbing particularly.

3. Google Ads will Target the Audience Automatically

Before posting plumbing advertisements through Google Ads, make sure to configure the settings accordingly. Set the language, location, and audience. Make sure to select the proper location based on your plumbing business location and availability. In language selection, you can add more than one language to meet audience requirements smartly.

4. Set your Budget for Plumbing Advertisements

On Google Ads, clients can only set a specific budget on a daily basis. It does not accept weekly or monthly payments. Optimized your budget spending and avail maximum benefit from Google Ads. However, the client can set a specific bid limit. The bidding option is also available on Google Ads for user flexibility. Through proper option selection, the user can choose the maximum and minimum bid for each click.

5. Google Ads Extension will help to Promote Plumbing Advertisement

In the Google Ad extension, users can easily insert the website link, plumbing business contact numbers, callouts, and some other helpful extensions. Users can easily add them as different ad groups so that you will have the option to skip unnecessary steps.

6. Create Ad Groups to manage Plumbing Advertisement

The ad group platform is based on,

• Headlines.

• Display and final URL.

• Proper description.

The final URL that you insert is the real and actual landing page for your website. Whenever you add a URL make sure to use HTTPS:// instead of HTTP:// or otherwise some alarming and warning notification will pop up. The final URL will take the user from the plumbing advertisement toward the original business web page.
Headline, within your plumbing advertisement, Google suggests you put at least three headlines. Make sure to make proper healing by using keywords effectively. See competitor's plumbing advertisements and create yours accordingly. Place the right keyword in the right quantity and right place is the key to optimizing and ranking your ad on top search pages. Description, Google suggests users write a proper description for plumbing advertisements and place the keyword according to search engine requirements. The description should be concise and proper. It should highlight why others should choose your plumbing service. Make the plumbing advertisement description very cheesy, attractive, accurate, and detailed.

7. Keyword Selection and Placing

The keyword selection and placing are key to making successful and appealing advertisements. If you want to create an advertisement related to your plumbing business, make sure to use Google Keyword planner. Use this tool to get the most suitable keyword that has high search volume and low competition. Understand and learn the rules related to placing the keyword in your ad, and use it properly. If you put keywords properly then the chances of ranking your plumbing ads on Google's top 1 search pages are high.

8. Set your Plumbing Website Landing Pages Properly

Landing pages are the basic pages of your business website where traffic reaches out through your plumbing advertisement or URL you mentioned in your ad. The landing page should be accurate and should represent appropriate information related to the ad you advertised through Google's platform. However, it is suggested that a good landing page must have,

• User-friendly interface.

• Should take less time to load.

• Can be acknowledged by Google.

• Properly marked as per privacy policy.