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Top 9 Interview Questions For Home Service Businesses


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June 14th, 2022

Hiring talent is one of the most difficult obstacles for home service business entrepreneurs to overcome. Finding staff that will work hard, wow clients, stay organized, and remain with your company for a long time is a difficult task. To identify the greatest personnel, you must begin by asking the appropriate interview questions. Strong interview questions can assist you in determining what makes your prospect tick. Their responses will tell you if they are a suitable match for your company and if they will last. Start with our list of the greatest questions to ask a new employee that goes beyond "tell me about yourself," and you'll be able to easily cross your hiring and retention challenges.

Questions for the Interviewee:

These interview questions are designed to assess personality rather than competence. "You don’t hire for skills, you hire for attitude. You can always teach skills. said Simon Sinek at the hiring and training workers panel. A skill can be taught through training or a certification course. However, attitude cannot be taught. We feel that one coachable and motivated employee is better for your company in the long term than a highly skilled mismatch. With that in mind, go over these questions to ask a prospective employee.

1) What makes you the best candidate for this position?

This is an excellent question to start the interview with as it will give you a more accurate view of the person’s interest level in the job position. It is effective whether you found and hired the individual or they applied to your job posting. It will show you how much time they spent examining the job posting and your company if any. More significantly, this question allows the candidate to demonstrate their ideals and previous accomplishments. They may highlight their dedication to being on time every day, or they may remind you about their previous success leading an efficient team. Whatever answer they provide, will reveal a lot about the amount of enthusiasm and experience they would bring to the squad. This will indicate whether or not they are a suitable fit for you.

2) Which of your jobs was your favorite, and why?

This question will indicate what inspires a candidate. They may describe a job in which they led their own team, indicating that they respect the autonomy and are capable of handling responsibilities. Perhaps their favorite job required them to work alone with little client engagement, yet the position you're trying to fill involves a lot of face time with customers. That might be a warning sign. If the answer is small, don't be afraid to delve a bit further. Inquire as to why they believe they did a good job leading that team, and whether they have any other experience working with consumers.

3) Tell me about an instance when you received excellent or poor customer service.

An ideal applicant should have a deep awareness of what constitutes excellent and terrible customer service. This is your opportunity to find out whether that is true. The applicant may recall moments, when they offered excellent customer service or when they were on the receiving end, and in any case, you'll get a clear image of what they value in these crucial encounters. The response to this question will indicate whether the candidate's personal standards are in line with what you expect to see on the job.

4) What does teamwork mean to you?

The response of your candidate to this question might reveal a lot about how they interact with others and how they might interact with other members of your team. Whether you have a team of four or a team of fourteen, collaboration is critical to the success of your business. Even if you're recruiting an office manager who will be alone at the office all day, they must connect with your staff in the field and problem-solve difficulties together on the go. Teams that work effectively together share responsibility when things go wrong (or right!). Teams also strive toward the same objective, and people operate better together than they do alone. If the applicant has difficulty answering this question or cannot explain what they mean by collaboration, they may not be the perfect match for you.

5) What would you want from the organization to ensure that you produce excellent work and satisfy your customers?

In a job interview, you're seeking someone who is a good fit for your firm. As a result, it's easy to overlook the fact that candidates are also seeking a workplace that is a good match for them. This inquiry will assist both you and your applicant in determining this. In response to this question, your applicant may state that they want to be paid on time since they have had difficulty in the past. Perhaps they appreciate excellent internal communication, such as receiving adequate notice for newly booked or canceled work. Taking care of your staff is part of your job as a home service business owner. When employees are well-cared for, they produce their best work and remain loyal to your company. Understanding what your people value makes you a better leader and increases employee retention. You work hard to locate exceptional personnel, and you don't want your efforts to go to waste.

6) Tell me about our company’s strengths that motivate any customer to hire us?

The response a candidate gives to this question might reveal how much research they've done on your firm and why they want to work with you. It may also reveal the initial impression your company makes on new workers. You may learn that your present employees have spoken well of your firm in the neighborhood, or that your numerous favorable internet reviews have piqued the interest of a future employee. There is no wrong or right answer to this challenging question so you have to keep an open mind while hearing the candidate’s answer.

7) What’s your greatest weakness?

Typically, you have just 30 minutes with you to decide whether this candidate can work with you for the next several years or not. So, this question is a perfect shortcut to determine who the candidate really is, what you’re good and bad at, and how you’d fit in. The purpose of this question is to look for self-reflection, awareness of what a candidate needs to improve on, and humility. An honest answer to this question could give us a view of how can the quality of work can be improved by helping the candidate with their weakness in the future.

8) What are your salary expectations?

You want to be able to make a choice at the conclusion of the interview, so make sure they grasp the pay structure if it's fixed, or question them about their expectations if there is any room for negotiations. With this question answered, you'll have all you need to make your selection, and the following step may be an offer rather than wasting time bargaining.

9) Have you got any queries for me?

After you've asked all of your interview questions, it’s a good practice to answer all the questions from the candidate’s side. A candidate may have prepared certain questions. Alternatively, they may have posed their queries earlier in the interview. The appropriate applicant should have something to ask unless they've asked questions throughout the interview. It indicates that they are interested in the work and are intrigued about the prospective opportunity before them. It also implies they're deciding whether your organization is the proper fit for them.