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How Blogging Can Improve SEO for Plumbing Business

Barkan Saeed

Published :

May 16th, 2022

Many home services businesses spend on google ads and other lead generation tools to get instant leads and it works perfectly for them. When it comes to SEO, many small businesses consider it complex, and since the returns are long-term, they are not sure if they should invest in it.

Investing in a blog for SEO purposes is one of the best investments a small business can make that generates leads constantly. It increases your domain authority which improves your site ranking You definitely should use blogging as a strategy for SEO if you are not looking for a return on investment right away and don’t have the time or resources to write good content.

What makes a good Plumbing Blog that generates leads

If you want to use blogging for generating leads, here are some key suggestions that are very very important

Focus Keywords

It is very important to select the focus on the keywords that you want to rank on. E.g. if you want to rank for drain cleaning, you can keep that as focus keywords and write around that topic. This will help you start ranking on related keywords and when you keep writing on that topic it will increase your authority on that topic. Google will also start ranking you higher on paid keywords like “drain cleaners near me”.

Add Real Value

This is one of the most important points. When we are dealing with technology its all about keywords used if the keyword is in URL etc. and we forget that its humans who are reading a blog at the end of the day. Blogs that don’t add any value to the reader are easily skimmed. Users don’t stay much on your website and your chances for conversions decrease One good idea is to write content that benefits your existing customers. This way you can help not only your existing customers but also attract new customers who are probably going through the same problem

Check your competition

It's always a great idea to check your competitors on what they are writing about. A list of best companies countrywide also helps. Tools like spyfu and others that help you see which help you get traffic results for different competitor pages also give you an idea of what your competitors are getting traffic for.

Posting and writing Schedule

A lot of people including myself find it difficult to regularly find time to write. You can designate a day of the week for this. If you write yourself, you can write all the posts together and submit them maybe once a week or twice a week. If you are using a third-party writer, you can either give them ideas or review what they have written.

Guest Posts

It is also a great idea to write on other popular websites related to your area. .e.g you can write guest posts on local websites, and local directories e.t.c This will help you get backlinks for your website and will help you increase website authority.

Youtube Channel

A youtube channel although a completely different area of its own. A lot of people are searching for problems on youtube. While this channel can become a great place for you to get customers. You can search for vloggers in your space and use your knowledge to add value to their blog. In return , your business’s brand value will increase and also if they give you a backlink, it will help you with domain authority. Furthermore, you can do a blog post on the same vidoes on your own blog as well

Can you outsource your Plumbing Blog?

That's a really tough question and depends on who you are outsourcing too. If its a person who over time also learns about this industry and is able to understand your customer, then his blog posts can connect with your reader. If it's a company that is writing about tech gadgets in the morning and home services in the evening, probably it doesn’t make sense. The best knowledge base that you have that will give value to your customer is with you or some key members of your team and that will add the best value to your blog

But you and your team are busy in the field? Who’s going to write?

The biggest problem for companies that want to write and use SEO is who is going to write. That's why many companies have excellent content to share, their blogs are either non-existent or are not active. One of the suggestions that have worked for us and many of our customers is hiring someone who can simply convert recorded audio messages into the content. That someone may not know about plumbing or a specific industry but they can sit with an expert in your team. In 15-20 minutes, they can record the expert's thoughts and convert them into an article. We have even had success with interns and university students who can write well but are not experts in a specific domain. Definitely, someone then just needs to review the content for issues and the reviewing part doesn’t take that much time.